Jimmy Fallon has Arrived

“If you could do any job in the world, what would you do?”

My answer:  I would host the Tonight Show.
I think late night talk show hosts have seriously the coolest job in the world.  They get to wear a nice suit and put a smile on thousands of people’s faces as they unwind from probably a hard day at work. 
I remember as a jr. high kid  watching Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien religiously every summer night that I stayed up way too late. They were charming, they were entertaining, and I loved each show.
This past week, Jay Leno handed the reigns of the Tonight Show over to Jimmy Fallon, one of my personal favorite TV personalities.  And now that Fallon has taken over, the Tonight Show has taken on a totally new personality.  My generation, who grew up watching All That and creative entertainment:  this is our Tonight Show! 
Where Leno focused mainly on interviewing famous figures, Fallon entertains on all levels.  What is the Tonight Show now is a mix of classic interviews and SNL-like sketch comedy.  It’s great! 
As a communication and social media fan, I am extremely impressed how the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is reaching out to a new audience by using social media.   While I doubt the majority of my college friends watched the Tonight Show live this week, most of them have been talking about Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith’s “Evolution of Dance” and the awesome Brian Williams rap remix.  That’s because the Tonight Show has done a great job reaching out to my generation by posting these videos of Facebook and Youtube and putting the whole show on Hulu!  Now that is adapting to today’s culture and doing a great job of it! 
Congrats to Jimmy Fallon and the new Tonight Show crew of totally blowing your first week out of the water.  And thank you for bringing great entertainment and a smile to my generation’s face and most people discover how great the Tonight Show is.