To the Class of 2014: This is it.


Today was my last day of class of my undergraduate college career.  This is completely unbelievable to me.  I cannot believe that I will not be starting class in the fall, and that my time as a student is over for now (until grad school a few years down the road).


The past four years as a student at Mississippi College have without a doubt been the best four years of my life.  I found a place where I belong, and where I could thrive.  God has used almost every skill and talent that he’s ever given me here.  I have grown as a student, as a person, and most of all in my relationship with Christ.


I could never repay Mississippi College for the experience and fulfillment that I have received here.  Deciding to go to MC was one of the best decisions of my life.


I am so thankful for being busy every single night with a meeting, an assignment, or a social function.  I am so thankful for the leaders who have poured into me to develop me into who I am today.  And most of all, I am so thankful for the Class of 2014 who have been alongside of me every day. 



The Class of 2014  (or “The Golden Class” as I heard an administrator call us) holds a very special place in my heart.  We have seen Mississippi College thrive.  We have seen it go through good times and a few rough times and ultimately pull out stronger.  We have seen MC go from a small university to a mid-size university with no slowing in the near future. We have seen campus life go from a few poorly-attended events to having a thriving campus social scene (thanks Dannie Woods!).  We have seen so much take place on our campus, and I am so thankful that we’ve been through it together.


Here are some of my favorite memories that the Class of 2014 has seen here at MC in no particular order (feel free to suggest some more, and I’ll add them to the list!):

We’ve seen…

  • The MC Apocalypse freshmen year when the lights went out, the library catch on fire, a dorm have a gas leak, and evacuation to the Dome. (and the Shawreth boys played wiffle ball instead of going into the Dome)
  • The tornado freshmen year and not having power overnight.
  • When the pedestrian street by the Caf used to be a street, and we almost got hit by a car every time we walked on it.
  • The sketchy guy in the morph suit that ran onstage during the Family Weekend Talent show freshmen year.  They never caught that guy.
  • The time the Caf served sushi.
  • The direction of the loop change.
  • Even though we never knew it as Jazzman’s, we still called it Jazzman’s when it was supposed to be called Sandellas and Tuscany’s.  RIP coffee shop.
  • The lame skits during Welcome Week.
  • Instagram was created.
  • Dr. Royce tell his boat story at least 3 times…and we love it every time!
  • The time the Caf used to be better.
  • The Brick Streets become cool
  • the new Jesus statue installed on the Quad.
  • Dr. Royce’s 10 year anniversary.
  • The Piazza get rid of the tree stumps and get really cool lights.
  • The great hazing disaster of 2011.
  • The time that the Chrestmen basement got robbed over spring break.
  • More Provine, lover swings, and campus cat jokes than were funny.
  • Those illegal fireworks during Lighting of the Quad.
  • Dannie Woods came to MC and made everything a whole lot cooler and better.
  • 577805_3069355334818_95896734_nWelcome Week become a really cool thing.
  • Two consecutive years of snow!
  • Follies go from slightly lame to really intense and cool.
  • 1958142_773736230709_41692018_n
  • The old bookstore.
  • When Clinton got an OEC and YognFrut sophomore year.
  • Ben Rector, Drew Holcomb, Dave Barnes, the Swingle Singers, and more play in concert on our campus!
  • The best Student Life leaders ever. (you go Joseph, Dannie, Sharia, Jonathan, and Jennifer!)
  • When we got Pimento’s and everyone went there for every meal.
  • 1217_4107502167840_1604433785_nThe Commons (and everyone thinking it looked like a library or an airport).
  • The push for the Common’s coffee shop to be called “Rose’s Cafe.”
  • The crazy tug of war match during Derby Day 2013.
  • The creation of the Crew…and it becoming a really cool thing to do.  Thank you Moriah Chitwood and Katelyn Williams!
  • 1185590_10151810877786001_1943513696_nKaren Lindsey Lloyd. Need I say more?
  • MC got a Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (really! These did not exist our freshmen year!)
  • The creation of the Council and the increase in organization and awesomeness during General Rush.
  • 941070_4630498402419_2090322433_nThe building of a new science building and dead bodies on campus.
  • Being denied into Division II athletics…and then being accepted.
  • The first ever ASL week…and all the emotions that came with it.
  • 580016_3079638991903_1258122987_nAn MC professor and alum elected to be governor of Mississippi.
  • Dr. Royce dressed as Santa at Cram Jam our freshmen and senior year (that’s symbolic)
  • We had the most recent American Idol winner in concert.
  • That time there was a giant ceramic swan on the Quad. And that time it reappeared on the volleyball court.
  • Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.22.47 PMThe Hail Storm of 2013.  All of those cars destroyed.
  • Mosaic going through different forms each year..and then being cancelled the year that it was supposed to be really cool.
  • The creation of the Big Event.  Thanks Dakota Bibbs.
  • MC bought the East Campus.
  • Kroger went from being 24 hours to closing at 1am.
  • The discovery of Fondren and all of the cool places there by MC students.
  • Mike Huckabee, Condaleeza Rice, Jeb Bush, and Dr. Benjamin Carson on campus to speak to us.
  • Jackson got a Whole Foods!
  • The President’s house being built.
  • Half of our class being allowed to move off-campus junior year…
  • and then the rest of us being required to live on campus as seniors.  You’re welcome, Class of 2015.
  • Jimmy Fallon take over the Tonight Show…that was a big deal.
  • The push to change MC’s name…and the push back that caused it to stay the same.
  • The Hunger Games race to get tickets. And Dakota Bibbs twisting his ankle to get them.


Overall, we’ve been through a lot, seen a lot, and done a whole lot.  Without a doubt, I believe that the Class of 2014—and the impact that we’ve made on this University—has left MC a much better place than we have found it. I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the past four years, and I am blessed to be apart of the Mississippi College Class of 2014.


See you on graduation day.