Lessons Learned from a Music Curmudgeon

I was a music major my whole freshmen year of college.  Those were far different days and it seems like a century ago that I spent every day pouring over music textbooks and in practice rooms.  I really enjoyed my days as a music major and learned a whole lot about discipline, but there were […]


Today is the day! After months of speculation and prayer, today is the day that the 2013 CentriKid staffers will find out which of the amazing eight CK teams on which they will be serving this summer! I absolutely cannot wait for 8pm central time when Hannah and I get to add all of the […]

CentriKid Blog: How to Start Conversations With Kids

This month, I got the awesome opportunity to write a blog post for CentriKid.com.  It was one of the most fun projects I’ve gotten to write lately.  I was so thrilled to get to write about one of my favorite things: talking! However, compressing my thoughts into 300 words was a major challenge, but probably […]