Photo of the Week: The All-Seeing Eye

I’m starting a new blog series called “Photo of the Week.”  Photography is one of those things that I used to love and did everyday, but eventually burned out doing. I want to get back into it and develop that hobby more, so I’m going to start a blog post to encourage myself to start back up.

For the first few weeks, I’m going to showcase an old photo I’ve taken (more than likely from London) and eventually will post new photos each week.  Hope you enjoy!

The All-Seeing Eye


Date Taken:  February 2011

I went walking around the South Bank in London one afternoon exploring the other side of the River Thames. I explored the neighborhoods and streets when I suddenly approached the opposite side of the London Eye that I was used to seeing. I snapped this photo along with several others from that side of the bank.


PhotoBlog: Mr. and Miss MC 2013

Today was an extremely cloudy and dreary day, but getting the chance to photograph Mr. and Miss MC 2013 surely brightened it up!  I was absolutely honored to be able to get the chance to take the photos of Briana and Wesley today.  This was my first “real” photoshoot, and these two were super fun to work with even when the weather didn’t cooperate. I’m not allowed to post all of the pictures quite yet because they are going to be published in the yearbook, but here’s a few of my favorites from today.













Photobooth: MC Moon Festival

A few posts ago, I wrote about photographing my first photo booth.  I had the opportunity again when my friend Kelly Beth asked me to come set up my camera at Mississippi College’s Moon Festival.   The Moon Festival is a annual lunar-harvest celebration very popular in Chinese and Vietnamese cultures.  MC is fortunate to be home of quite a bit of international students and our international department does a fantastic job of putting on events like the Moon Festival.   While I’m not totally happy with the look of the images (I’m still learning!), I had a blast getting to be at this event.

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