Mistakes I’ve Made Leading Different Personalities

What is your personality like? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? How are you encouraged best? What ways do you like to show encouragement? Now think about those you lead. What are their personalities like? Chances are that you will lead many, many people with personalities quite different from your own. Your people might […]

Welcome to Nashville: New City, New Goals

I have lived in Nashville for a total of 2 and a half days, which means I’m  basically a local at this point, right? Actually, I’m in mega-tourist mode where I still get excited when I see a building that I recognize and every time I open my front door and see the downtown skyline. […]

My Tonight Show Adventure

Confession: I love the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  I am a major fan of all things entertainment, and since episode 1 of the show, I have been a fan of how Jimmy Fallon has completely reinvented the Tonight Show and brought it to a newer generation. Back in May, my best friend and I […]

To the Class of 2014: This is it.

Today was my last day of class of my undergraduate college career.  This is completely unbelievable to me.  I cannot believe that I will not be starting class in the fall, and that my time as a student is over for now (until grad school a few years down the road). The past four years […]

CentriKid #StaffReveal14

Tommorrow is a HUGE day in the camp world! It is the day when all of the dozens and dozens of CentriKid staffers find out with which teams and location they will be serving this summer!   It is one of the most exciting days for me as I get to welcome a new staffers […]

Photo of the Week: The All-Seeing Eye

I’m starting a new blog series called “Photo of the Week.”  Photography is one of those things that I used to love and did everyday, but eventually burned out doing. I want to get back into it and develop that hobby more, so I’m going to start a blog post to encourage myself to start […]

Lessons Learned from a Music Curmudgeon

I was a music major my whole freshmen year of college.  Those were far different days and it seems like a century ago that I spent every day pouring over music textbooks and in practice rooms.  I really enjoyed my days as a music major and learned a whole lot about discipline, but there were […]