I have lived in Nashville for a total of 2 and a half days, which means I’m  basically a local at this point, right?

Actually, I’m in mega-tourist mode where I still get excited when I see a building that I recognize and every time I open my front door and see the downtown skyline. I think I’m going to love it here.

We got me moved into my awesome little house which is super close to downtown on Thursday, and since then, I’ve just been enjoying getting settled while my mom and girlfriend’s family have been hanging.  Now everyone has gone home, and I’ve put the finishing touches on my house and am doing some exploring in between.  I start work at Lifeway with the camps and events team first thing tomorrow morning (I’m not working with the bookstore–I’m working with CentriKid Camps and the events and conferences put on by Lifeway Kids, BTW), and I could not be more excited.


I am incredibly overwhelmed with excitement about this new chapter in my life.  I have always wanted to live in a bigger city, and I’m finally here. I have always wanted to live close to downtown, and I’m finally here.  I have always (well…for the past four years) wanted to work for CentriKid Camps and Lifeway Kids full time, and it’s finally here.  While I’m nervous about new beginnings, I could not be more content in knowing that God has put me exactly where he wants me, and He’s about to teach me a whole lot of new things in Nashville.


As I sit here sipping on a latte at The Frothy Monkey on 8th Avenue (isn’t that a cool name for a coffee shop?), I have been thinking about what new goals I want to accomplish now that I am in a new place with new opportunities, and new chances for adventure.  Here are a few of those goals:

1.) Grow spiritually.

College was an incredible time of growth for my spiritual life, and I want that to grow even more now that I’m out of college.  I want to quickly find and get plugged into a local church here in Nashville. I’ve also got a lot to pray about in the next year.

2.)  Do more “grown up” things.

Make my bed everyday. Wake up earlier. Be asleep before Late Night with Seth Meyers comes on.  Eat healthier.  Exercise before I go to work.  You know…things that make adults more put together.  I’ll work on those.

3.)  Get back into photography, journaling, and blogging. 

The past two years have been the busiest in my entire life as they were filled with meeting after meeting and event after event in college.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to do some of the things I enjoy most.  I’m still going to be busy, but I’ll be able to establish more of a routine, and have more time to sharpen my photography and writing skills for fun.

4.) Be a great employee.

I start my first real-life job tomorrow, and my goal is to be able to adapt quickly and well from a college student to a full-time professional, while staying focused on the spiritual aspect of my job.  Can you tell I’m so excited about my job?!



These definitely aren’t the only things that I want to see happen during the next year (or more) that I am in Nashville.  But growing in these areas and more excited me as I get to see what God does in my life here in Nashville.  Prayers are appreciated, and please keep up with me on here and on social media!



Published by Micheal

Nashville, TN. Husband to Anne Marie. Event Planner for @LifeWayKids. Lover of leadership development, adventure, kidmin, coffee, and all things creative.

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