Today is the day! After months of speculation and prayer, today is the day that the 2013 CentriKid staffers will find out which of the amazing eight CK teams on which they will be serving this summer!


I absolutely cannot wait for 8pm central time when Hannah and I get to add all of the new CK7 staff members to our Facebook group and begin the amazing journey of becoming a family. We have been praying for months and months for each of these staffers, even when we had no clue who they were, and I can’t wait to get to know each of them over the coming months.  And more importantly, I cannot wait to see how God will use each of them to further the Gospel with the kids they will encounter at our four locations this summer.

So tonight, at 6pm Las Vegas time, I will be flipping out as the new 2013 CK7 staff is announced!…and then I will run downstairs in Caesar’s Palace to watch Celine Dion in concert.  It’s going to be an amazing Sunday!

My team and I would would greatly appreciate prayers over the next few weeks as we prepare for camp and especially during the summer!  Here are 5 ways that you can pray for all of CentriKid staff (from @CentriKid on Instagram):

  1. Pray that staffers would begin to prepare their hearts to share the Gospel.
  2. Pray that God would place specific kids in the paths of specific staffers to connect their stories.
  3. Pray for leaders as they prepare to humbly lead and serve their teams.
  4. Pray that God would begin to open the hearts of kids and adults to hear His Word.
  5. Pray for team unity.




Published by Micheal

Nashville, TN. Husband to Anne Marie. Event Planner for @LifeWayKids. Lover of leadership development, adventure, kidmin, coffee, and all things creative.

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