Mistakes I’ve Made Leading Different Personalities

What is your personality like? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? How are you encouraged best? What ways do you like to show encouragement?

Now think about those you lead. What are their personalities like? Chances are that you will lead many, many people with personalities quite different from your own. Your people might not have the same love language and might not connect with the way you show encouragement. At times, you might find yourself totally at odds with someone you lead simply because of personality differences.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”
Leading people well relates directly with connecting with the people you lead. They must know that you care about them and that you desire to build a relationship with them. In my leadership journey, it has sometimes been extremely difficult to connect with those different than me.

Here are four mistakes I’ve made and seen when leading different personalities.

Never find out how they work. You’re busy as a leader, so you don’t have time to figure out how your people receive encouragement, right? WRONG! This should be a high priority. The best way to know how to connect with your team is to find out how they feel valued. I have asked my team in the past to take the Myers-Briggs Personality test and Love Languages test to find out how I could best serve them.

Never adapt to their personality. As the leader, sometimes you might think it is the other person’s responsibility to adapt to your personality style and make the connection. In actuality, it is the leader’s responsibility to find out how they tick and adapt to connect with them. This may mean simply altering your schedule a bit to catch them at their best time or taking a few minutes to encourage in a way that you would not normally.

Never seek help. I have found it helpful to ask others with similar personality types to those I am trying to lead how to best connect with them. I have found seeking guidance from others to be extremely helpful when trying to serve and lead people who are encouraged differently that I am.

Never admit that you were wrong. Sometimes you might naturally not connect with someone on your team and not even realize it. If it is brought to your attention, go and fix it immediately. Sometimes this means admitting that you were in the wrong for not seeing how that person felt encouraged.

Ultimately, do your best to connect and encourage each person on your team.  Try not to make the mistakes above, and it won’t be as hard as you might think.

This blog was originally featured on CentriKid.com.

Welcome to Nashville: New City, New Goals

I have lived in Nashville for a total of 2 and a half days, which means I’m  basically a local at this point, right?

Actually, I’m in mega-tourist mode where I still get excited when I see a building that I recognize and every time I open my front door and see the downtown skyline. I think I’m going to love it here.

We got me moved into my awesome little house which is super close to downtown on Thursday, and since then, I’ve just been enjoying getting settled while my mom and girlfriend’s family have been hanging.  Now everyone has gone home, and I’ve put the finishing touches on my house and am doing some exploring in between.  I start work at Lifeway with the camps and events team first thing tomorrow morning (I’m not working with the bookstore–I’m working with CentriKid Camps and the events and conferences put on by Lifeway Kids, BTW), and I could not be more excited.


I am incredibly overwhelmed with excitement about this new chapter in my life.  I have always wanted to live in a bigger city, and I’m finally here. I have always wanted to live close to downtown, and I’m finally here.  I have always (well…for the past four years) wanted to work for CentriKid Camps and Lifeway Kids full time, and it’s finally here.  While I’m nervous about new beginnings, I could not be more content in knowing that God has put me exactly where he wants me, and He’s about to teach me a whole lot of new things in Nashville.


As I sit here sipping on a latte at The Frothy Monkey on 8th Avenue (isn’t that a cool name for a coffee shop?), I have been thinking about what new goals I want to accomplish now that I am in a new place with new opportunities, and new chances for adventure.  Here are a few of those goals:

1.) Grow spiritually.

College was an incredible time of growth for my spiritual life, and I want that to grow even more now that I’m out of college.  I want to quickly find and get plugged into a local church here in Nashville. I’ve also got a lot to pray about in the next year.

2.)  Do more “grown up” things.

Make my bed everyday. Wake up earlier. Be asleep before Late Night with Seth Meyers comes on.  Eat healthier.  Exercise before I go to work.  You know…things that make adults more put together.  I’ll work on those.

3.)  Get back into photography, journaling, and blogging. 

The past two years have been the busiest in my entire life as they were filled with meeting after meeting and event after event in college.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to do some of the things I enjoy most.  I’m still going to be busy, but I’ll be able to establish more of a routine, and have more time to sharpen my photography and writing skills for fun.

4.) Be a great employee.

I start my first real-life job tomorrow, and my goal is to be able to adapt quickly and well from a college student to a full-time professional, while staying focused on the spiritual aspect of my job.  Can you tell I’m so excited about my job?!



These definitely aren’t the only things that I want to see happen during the next year (or more) that I am in Nashville.  But growing in these areas and more excited me as I get to see what God does in my life here in Nashville.  Prayers are appreciated, and please keep up with me on here and on social media!


My Tonight Show Adventure

Confession: I love the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  I am a major fan of all things entertainment, and since episode 1 of the show, I have been a fan of how Jimmy Fallon has completely reinvented the Tonight Show and brought it to a newer generation.


Back in May, my best friend and I took our senior trip to New York City.  After weeks of hovering over Facebook and the Tonight Show website, I had scored us two tickets to the Wednesday, May 14th taping.  That day has gone down as one of my favorite adventure memories.

We arrived at the NBC Experience Store around 2:30pm that afternoon and were escorted up the shiny staircase into an old cafe where we were about the 15th and 16th in line.  We waited there for about an hour until we check in, got our awesome Tonight Show wrist bands, and then were escorted back into the beautiful lobby of Rockefeller Center.  We were told to go to the bathroom and meet back at a different part of the building at a set time.


After spending the next hour or so at Starbucks (where else?), Dakota and I found our meeting location and waited with the other 20 or so people who shared our group letter. I’ve never felt so much tension and excitement in my life as we waited in the hallway to be let up the elevators into the studio. But…I felt the urge to go to the bathroom.  After debating whether or not to try to risk my place in line, I finally sweet talked the security lady into letting me out of line and back into line.  Once I was back, I was ready for the Tonight Show.


Promptly at about 4:45pm, they sent our group up the elevator and into another holding area and behind the doors was Studio 6B, the home of the Tonight Show.  After another spill about absolutely no phones, photography, or recording, they opened the doors and let us in small groups down the newly built studio audience seats.  An usher took Dakota and myself down the aisle…and down the aisle…and down the aisle until he pointed to our seats ON THE FRONT ROW.


We could barely contain our excitement as we took our seats on the squeaky red vinyl seats and waited for the rest of the audience to quickly fill in the remaining 300 or so seats. The studio was neat, it was cool, and was much smaller than I imagined.  I took in every aspect of it.  From the writers desk right in front of us, to the handwritten cue cards propped against the railing.   After everyone was in, a rather crude comedian came out to warm up the audience.  It was clear Dakota and I were the loudest and the rowdiest in the crowd (go figure!).  After several jokes, the opening act welcomed the legendary Roots (Jimmy’s band) and they played a warm up show that was absolutely incredible.  (Seriously–I was ready to buy their album after hearing it.)

10349873_10201786891135942_399094344621448698_n copy

After the Roots performed and took their places on the right of the stage, Steve Higgins, the Tonight Show announcer, came out to thunderous applause.  It was time for the Tonight Show to official begin.  The 10-second countdown started.  The studio went dark.  And the Roots kicked off.

“From Studio 6B in Rockefeller Center in the heart of New York City, It’s the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon..”

After the intro, from behind the blue curtain came the man, the legend, Jimmy Fallon. The next hour and 15 minutes was totally a blur as Jimmy interviewed Maya Rudolph and Lily Allen performed. Honestly, the commercial breaks were funnier than the show with Jimmy  interacting with Maya and Dakota yelling “yeah Jimmy!,” being pointed at by Jimmy, and then being scolded by a studio worker.   Throughout the whole time, I could not help but smile and enjoy every moment of watching The Tonight Show unfold live in front of me.

Just as quickly as it began, it seemed like it was time for it to end.  Jimmy ran through the crowd for the closing credits, shook my hand, and then was gone.  The comedian came back out as they took the studio audience out section by section.  We were the last section to leave and as we ascended the staircase, I was so glad that I got the chance to be at  a taping of the Tonight Show.


To the Class of 2014: This is it.


Today was my last day of class of my undergraduate college career.  This is completely unbelievable to me.  I cannot believe that I will not be starting class in the fall, and that my time as a student is over for now (until grad school a few years down the road).


The past four years as a student at Mississippi College have without a doubt been the best four years of my life.  I found a place where I belong, and where I could thrive.  God has used almost every skill and talent that he’s ever given me here.  I have grown as a student, as a person, and most of all in my relationship with Christ.


I could never repay Mississippi College for the experience and fulfillment that I have received here.  Deciding to go to MC was one of the best decisions of my life.


I am so thankful for being busy every single night with a meeting, an assignment, or a social function.  I am so thankful for the leaders who have poured into me to develop me into who I am today.  And most of all, I am so thankful for the Class of 2014 who have been alongside of me every day. 



The Class of 2014  (or “The Golden Class” as I heard an administrator call us) holds a very special place in my heart.  We have seen Mississippi College thrive.  We have seen it go through good times and a few rough times and ultimately pull out stronger.  We have seen MC go from a small university to a mid-size university with no slowing in the near future. We have seen campus life go from a few poorly-attended events to having a thriving campus social scene (thanks Dannie Woods!).  We have seen so much take place on our campus, and I am so thankful that we’ve been through it together.


Here are some of my favorite memories that the Class of 2014 has seen here at MC in no particular order (feel free to suggest some more, and I’ll add them to the list!):

We’ve seen…

  • The MC Apocalypse freshmen year when the lights went out, the library catch on fire, a dorm have a gas leak, and evacuation to the Dome. (and the Shawreth boys played wiffle ball instead of going into the Dome)
  • The tornado freshmen year and not having power overnight.
  • When the pedestrian street by the Caf used to be a street, and we almost got hit by a car every time we walked on it.
  • The sketchy guy in the morph suit that ran onstage during the Family Weekend Talent show freshmen year.  They never caught that guy.
  • The time the Caf served sushi.
  • The direction of the loop change.
  • Even though we never knew it as Jazzman’s, we still called it Jazzman’s when it was supposed to be called Sandellas and Tuscany’s.  RIP coffee shop.
  • The lame skits during Welcome Week.
  • Instagram was created.
  • Dr. Royce tell his boat story at least 3 times…and we love it every time!
  • The time the Caf used to be better.
  • The Brick Streets become cool
  • the new Jesus statue installed on the Quad.
  • Dr. Royce’s 10 year anniversary.
  • The Piazza get rid of the tree stumps and get really cool lights.
  • The great hazing disaster of 2011.
  • The time that the Chrestmen basement got robbed over spring break.
  • More Provine, lover swings, and campus cat jokes than were funny.
  • Those illegal fireworks during Lighting of the Quad.
  • Dannie Woods came to MC and made everything a whole lot cooler and better.
  • 577805_3069355334818_95896734_nWelcome Week become a really cool thing.
  • Two consecutive years of snow!
  • Follies go from slightly lame to really intense and cool.
  • 1958142_773736230709_41692018_n
  • The old bookstore.
  • When Clinton got an OEC and YognFrut sophomore year.
  • Ben Rector, Drew Holcomb, Dave Barnes, the Swingle Singers, and more play in concert on our campus!
  • The best Student Life leaders ever. (you go Joseph, Dannie, Sharia, Jonathan, and Jennifer!)
  • When we got Pimento’s and everyone went there for every meal.
  • 1217_4107502167840_1604433785_nThe Commons (and everyone thinking it looked like a library or an airport).
  • The push for the Common’s coffee shop to be called “Rose’s Cafe.”
  • The crazy tug of war match during Derby Day 2013.
  • The creation of the Crew…and it becoming a really cool thing to do.  Thank you Moriah Chitwood and Katelyn Williams!
  • 1185590_10151810877786001_1943513696_nKaren Lindsey Lloyd. Need I say more?
  • MC got a Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (really! These did not exist our freshmen year!)
  • The creation of the Council and the increase in organization and awesomeness during General Rush.
  • 941070_4630498402419_2090322433_nThe building of a new science building and dead bodies on campus.
  • Being denied into Division II athletics…and then being accepted.
  • The first ever ASL week…and all the emotions that came with it.
  • 580016_3079638991903_1258122987_nAn MC professor and alum elected to be governor of Mississippi.
  • Dr. Royce dressed as Santa at Cram Jam our freshmen and senior year (that’s symbolic)
  • We had the most recent American Idol winner in concert.
  • That time there was a giant ceramic swan on the Quad. And that time it reappeared on the volleyball court.
  • Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.22.47 PMThe Hail Storm of 2013.  All of those cars destroyed.
  • Mosaic going through different forms each year..and then being cancelled the year that it was supposed to be really cool.
  • The creation of the Big Event.  Thanks Dakota Bibbs.
  • MC bought the East Campus.
  • Kroger went from being 24 hours to closing at 1am.
  • The discovery of Fondren and all of the cool places there by MC students.
  • Mike Huckabee, Condaleeza Rice, Jeb Bush, and Dr. Benjamin Carson on campus to speak to us.
  • Jackson got a Whole Foods!
  • The President’s house being built.
  • Half of our class being allowed to move off-campus junior year…
  • and then the rest of us being required to live on campus as seniors.  You’re welcome, Class of 2015.
  • Jimmy Fallon take over the Tonight Show…that was a big deal.
  • The push to change MC’s name…and the push back that caused it to stay the same.
  • The Hunger Games race to get tickets. And Dakota Bibbs twisting his ankle to get them.


Overall, we’ve been through a lot, seen a lot, and done a whole lot.  Without a doubt, I believe that the Class of 2014—and the impact that we’ve made on this University—has left MC a much better place than we have found it. I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the past four years, and I am blessed to be apart of the Mississippi College Class of 2014.


See you on graduation day.



CentriKid #StaffReveal14

Tommorrow is a HUGE day in the camp world! It is the day when all of the dozens and dozens of CentriKid staffers find out with which teams and location they will be serving this summer!



It is one of the most exciting days for me as I get to welcome a new staffers and veteran staffers to a whole new camp family!  This summer, I am directing the CK2 team where we will be serving at Campbellsville University all summer.  I am so excited to get to serve along with an awesome Assistant Director to lead a team of amazing staffers for what will be the best summer of CentriKid Camps yet!


I would love it if you could join me in praying for the CK2 team and that God absolutely changes lives through the CK2 team this summer.  Pray that God unifies us and shows us our calling as we share the Gospel with thousands of kids this summer. Also, be praying the same for the seven other CentriKid teams, their leadership, and their camp locations.

I can’t wait for #StaffReveal14!

Jimmy Fallon has Arrived

“If you could do any job in the world, what would you do?”

My answer:  I would host the Tonight Show.
I think late night talk show hosts have seriously the coolest job in the world.  They get to wear a nice suit and put a smile on thousands of people’s faces as they unwind from probably a hard day at work. 
I remember as a jr. high kid  watching Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien religiously every summer night that I stayed up way too late. They were charming, they were entertaining, and I loved each show.
This past week, Jay Leno handed the reigns of the Tonight Show over to Jimmy Fallon, one of my personal favorite TV personalities.  And now that Fallon has taken over, the Tonight Show has taken on a totally new personality.  My generation, who grew up watching All That and creative entertainment:  this is our Tonight Show! 
Where Leno focused mainly on interviewing famous figures, Fallon entertains on all levels.  What is the Tonight Show now is a mix of classic interviews and SNL-like sketch comedy.  It’s great! 
As a communication and social media fan, I am extremely impressed how the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is reaching out to a new audience by using social media.   While I doubt the majority of my college friends watched the Tonight Show live this week, most of them have been talking about Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith’s “Evolution of Dance” and the awesome Brian Williams rap remix.  That’s because the Tonight Show has done a great job reaching out to my generation by posting these videos of Facebook and Youtube and putting the whole show on Hulu!  Now that is adapting to today’s culture and doing a great job of it! 
Congrats to Jimmy Fallon and the new Tonight Show crew of totally blowing your first week out of the water.  And thank you for bringing great entertainment and a smile to my generation’s face and most people discover how great the Tonight Show is.  

Photo of the Week: The All-Seeing Eye

I’m starting a new blog series called “Photo of the Week.”  Photography is one of those things that I used to love and did everyday, but eventually burned out doing. I want to get back into it and develop that hobby more, so I’m going to start a blog post to encourage myself to start back up.

For the first few weeks, I’m going to showcase an old photo I’ve taken (more than likely from London) and eventually will post new photos each week.  Hope you enjoy!

The All-Seeing Eye


Date Taken:  February 2011

I went walking around the South Bank in London one afternoon exploring the other side of the River Thames. I explored the neighborhoods and streets when I suddenly approached the opposite side of the London Eye that I was used to seeing. I snapped this photo along with several others from that side of the bank.

Lessons Learned from a Music Curmudgeon


I was a music major my whole freshmen year of college.  Those were far different days and it seems like a century ago that I spent every day pouring over music textbooks and in practice rooms.  I really enjoyed my days as a music major and learned a whole lot about discipline, but there were just some things I never understood.  One of those was recital etiquette.


Recital etiquette, you know, where you have to look like you’re at a funeral at all times and not allowed to clap at the end of a piece no matter how much you enjoyed it?  I’m a very expressive person, and if I really like a piece of music, I want to clap more than anything.  I would always compromise by offering some goofy facial expressions and silent claps, but I never dared to make a noise for fear of being looked down upon by the recital etiquette gods.


This past Saturday night, a few friends and I got tickets to the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra where they were playing one of Beethoven’s most famous pieces (I forgot the name…this is why I’m no longer a music major.).  Jackson’s elite was in attendance decked out in the finest tuxes and ball gowns and speaking of their dinner dates with the governor and such. Surely these people would adhere to proper recital etiquette. The first movement of the piece ended, and the audience exploded into applause!  “What?!” I thought with joy, “the dreadful recital etiquette has been violated!”  In response, I also gave hearty claps.   However, not everyone enjoyed this uncivilized behavior.

An elderly gentlemen behind me who was dressed to the max in his tux and matching pretentious expression audibly expressed his disgust at this behavior.  “NO NO NO!,” he protested with spit flying into the row in front of him, “how dare they applaud?!”

I immediately stopped clapping and could not believe how mad this old curmugdeon had become just because people were clapping for a piece of really good music.  Really dude?  You let simple clapping ruin your experience?  Just because they clapped did not make the piece sound any less wonderful.  Just because they clapped, Beethoven did not roll over in his grave (it’s not like he could hear them clapping anyway).   I just couldn’t believe it!

After that, I could not stop thinking about how many times in life I’ve been like that old man.  Admittedly, I did not pay attention to the next movement because I was thinking of how many life applications could be found (sorry, Beethoven!).  Here are two of the ones that stuck out to me:

1. We let small  things ruin all of the good things.


Ever had a really good day and then something small comes along and ruins it?  Yeah, that’s happened to me a bunch.  In fact, on my birthday, it was one of the greatest days in my life until I spilled a whole grande Pike’s Place on my nice button up shirt.  I was so mad until I realized that it was still a great day after a quick change of my shirt.

Why do we let that happen to ourselves?  We are creatures of negativity and we let something tiny and negative overshadow a whole lot of positive. Next time this happens, I encourage you to overlook the small, negative and focus on the good that has happened and will happen.  Bad things are going to happen, laugh about that coffee spill on your shirt and move on and enjoy the rest of the day!

2. We let other people’s actions turn us into grumpy people instead of loving people. 


I grew up in a great church for the most part.  However, occasionally, we would have someone who would come in who was not raised in church and might not have dressed in their “Sunday best”, or whatever that means.  I would always feel so bad for them as I felt the judgement cast from others who could not believe someone would text, or come in late, or speak in certain ways, or dress a certain way in the church house.  I’m sure this is the same for most churches.

Let’s love people. Let’s not focus on how they act when they might not know the “rules” or social norms of a certain part of life.  Especially in church. Let’s welcome them in and love them instead of focusing on how they act or the things they don’t know. The greatest thing is love, so as believers, we should love above all else and if their behavior is truly bad, then it will change because of your love.  Accept them, don’t judge them.


So ultimately, don’t let the small, bad things in a moment kill your joy, and don’t let the actions of other people cause you to be a grumpy old man.  And if you go to a recital, be sure not to clap until the very end.

Twenty-Fourteen: The Resolutions

I love resolutions.  Being someone who is goal-oriented and lives by a daily checklist, New Year’s Resolutions are great ways to set expectations of myself for a new year.  One of my favorite things to do is to look back at my resolution list in December and see how I measured up to my original goals.  Yes, like many other people, I do not achieve all of my goals, but you know what-that’s okay!


I have spent the first few days of 2014 having a blast.  From ringing in the new year with the coolest girl I know in South Carolina with her family (Hmm… who knew that New Year’s Eve could be so much more fun when you bring it in with a kiss!  Trust me. )  to spending several days relaxing with my parents and dogs at home,  Twenty-Fourteen is have a great kick-off.

So without further delay, here are my Twenty-Fourteen Resolutions in no particular order.

1. Have the best semester ever. 



This is my very last semester of my undergraduate college career.  I cannot even begin to describe how much fun being a student at Mississippi College has been.  To be very honest, last semester overall was not one of the most fun semesters because of my course-work, obligations, and responsibilities that overloaded me.  I plan to change that this semester and really enjoy every second of my last college semester.  I will laugh more. I will spend more time with the friends I love.  I will say no more.  That means more coffee dates, more movies nights, and more fun.  I will take advantage of every opportunity to have fun.

2.  Have another 4.0 to finish off my college life, and graduate with a 3.5 GPA.


I’ve always had good grades, but I’ll admit, having a 4.0 has not been my priority.  I’ve already said that last semester was the hardest, but last semester was the first semester that I got a 4.0.  It also brought my whole GPA above a 3.5.  I will keep that up.

3. Budget.

I’m the world’s worst at budgeting.  I have very little guilt spending money on entertainment or food. Now that I’m transitioning from college student to a new world, it’s time to start being disciplined in my spending.  Starting this semester, I will allot myself certain amounts of funds for coffee, food, and fun. I’m also saving up for a post-graduation trip with my best friend!  That will help.

4.  Get active.


Among the craziness of last semester, my activity level dropped to almost zero.  As a result, my clothes feel a little more snug and I felt a decreased amount of energy and an increased amount of stress.    I will join Crossfit as well as run every-other day with my girlfriend with a goal of completing a 5K by May.  This also involves cutting out “fourth meal” and possibly not drinking sweet tea with Anne Marie.

5. Get a job.


Really–the time has come for me to finally get a big-boy job in the real world.  I have a few options that I am exploring with one option being what I would love to do more than anything in the world.  Hopefully, my job will take me to a new city and new experiences.  I’m really not stressed about it because I know that when I start the “real world” after camp this summer, I will be where God wants me to be.

6. Learn to play guitar.

This has been a goal of mine for several years, and it’s never happened.  Hopefully, 2014 will be that year.

7. Leave the country. 

I am obsessed with traveling.  In 2011, I went to South Africa.  In 2012, I spent four months in England as well as visited Rome and Scotland. 2013 was the year of being an American. Hopefully, 2014 will allow me to pull out my passport once again.

8. Pray for people each day.

My prayer life is not where I would like it to be, especially in the area of praying for other people in my life.  Recently, I was contacted by a really cool group leader from a church that will be attending camp where I will direct this summer.  Apart of our conversation, he challenged me to go ahead and pray each day for my team, and when I know who they are, pray for each of them by name.  This year, I will pray for my loved ones each day–Anne Marie, my family, my friends, my camp team, and anyone else that God puts in my path.

9. Read and write more.


I really do love to read.  My bookshelves are full of books that are on my “reading list.”  However, being disciplined enough to sit down and read a book or write a blog post is where I am lacking.  I will make more time to read and write (from blog posts to journaling) more.

10. Revisit photography.


My sophomore and junior year of college, I was “the camera guy.”  Having two photography jobs on campus, you could rarely see me without my camera. I wasn’t the best, but I was good at it. I had my camera so much at every MC event that I eventually got burned out taking so many photos and editing them.  After really almost taking a complete break from photography for the past 9 months, I’m ready to pick back up the camera and revisit my old hobby.  Maybe I’ll buy some new equipment and explore some new techniques. 

These are my goals and expectations of myself for 2014.  I cannot wait to look back in twelve months and see which ones were achieved and which ones were ignored because of a different path God had for my life.  Ultimately, I expect God to move in 2014 and grow and teach me in ways that I’ve never experienced before.

I hope your 2014 is filled with much joy, laughter, and life experiences!


I’m a pretty lucky dude.

I have an incredible girlfriend.


That may be cheesy, but I am seriously blessed each day by the amazing Anne Marie Parke. As of today, we’ve been dating 5 months and if you ask anyone (including my parents), we should’ve started dating a year and 5 months ago.


Our story is kind of a crazy one that’s actually fun to tell now.  From randomly meeting my freshmen year of college at a concert (and I thought she was gorgeous–btw)…to having a class together and not speaking for a semester…to liking her and then not acting on it and me being stupid…to a first date which resulted in me being scared and stupid..to becoming best friends…..to knowing that I wanted to date her when she studied in London for a semester… to asking her on another date and then officially starting out relationship…it’s been an awesome, crazy, fun ride with this girl.


Through this relationship, I’ve seen God do awesome things and grow both of us.  I’ve seen the way that His timing is perfect and our’s is not. She’s beautiful. She’s encouraging. She’s a whole lot of fun. Not to mention, her relationship with God is evident in everything that she does.


Thanks for being such a big part of my life  over the past year and a half, and especially these past five months.  So Anne Marie, will you be my date to Shawreth Informal?